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Our History Subject lead is Mr Taylor

At Ripley Infant School we aim to teach children the skills required to explore and analyse the past and become excited and curious to learn more about the past. We encourage children to explore past events, questioning what happened and why. Pupils will learn how to look at different evidence and explore the lives of people and societies through time. In accordance with this and in line with the aims of the National Curriculum, our school aims to:

  • Develop vocabulary relating to the passing of time.
  • Learn about the past in interesting and exciting ways, through a variety of experiences and resources.
  • Learn about events of significance nationally and globally within living memory and beyond.
  • Learn about famous people in the past and their contribution to our lives today.
  • Learn about aspects of life in the past and the ways in which it is different from the present.
  • Arouse interest in the past and show that it is fun and enjoyable.
  • Develop a diverse and representative history curriculum. 


Our History progression document can be found here


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