Ripley Infant School

Growing and Learning Together


At Ripley Infant school we aim to work closely with parents and carers in order to provide the best possible experiences for your child.

Take a look at our newsletters to see what we have been doing recently in school.

Our key policies are also available for you to view online or download.

We also welcome parents and carers to come into school as volunteers. If this is something that you would be interested in you can download a volunteer application form here.

If there is any information you feel is missing  from our website please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our recent parental survey regarding the school's response to the Covid-19 pandemic produced the following results:

  • When asked if communication had been clear throughout the pandemic 45%strongly agreed, 52% agreed and 3% gave a neutral response.
  • When asked if they had been able to communicate with the class teacher 52% strongly agreed, 43% agreed, 4 % disagreed and 1% gave a neutral response
  • When asked if the home learning materials were easily accessible 33% strongly agreed, 40% agreed, 8% disagreed, 1% strongly disagreed and 18% were neutral (these were mainly parents of children who were attending school so they has no need to access the home learning materials.
  • 43% of families had accessed a home learning pack from school,
  • 42% had accessed regular live sessions on Teams, 38% had not and 20% did sometimes.
  • When asked if teachers had responded to the work children had been doing 44% strongly agreed, 40%agreed, 1% disagreed and 15% were neutral (again these were children who were attending school).
  • When asked if they felt that the school had supported the community and managed the pandemic well 54% strongly agreed, 41% agreed, 1% disagreed and 3% were neutral.


What our parents say about us...

My son has settled well with the help of all the staff at school and I am very happy with his progress and communication with his teachers.     A truly wonderful school - with excellent caring staff!     The school has been fantastic supporting my children and myself, providing a good standard of education in a happy environment. I can't praise the staff enough!     My daughter is extremely happy and enjoys spending time at school. The transition from Reception to Year 1 was very smooth.     Our daughter really loves the school and her teachers, everyone is so approachable from our point of view. We look forward to sending our younger daughter here too next year.    My son loves school and has a positive experience of Ripley Infant School, as do I.     My son is extremely happy and thriving at Ripley Infants. We would happily recommend the school to prospective parents.     My child absolutely loves coming to school and I am happy with their progress. Big thank you to all the staff.     Amazing staff who have helped me and my son so much. Will be so sad when my son leaves. Thank you all!